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A strategic and fast-paced plan to fix your relationship versus waiting for years for it to change

Through the Ideal Intimacy Method for Couples™ combination of in-person weekend intensive, virtual sessions, and unlimited Voxer support with Dr. Kristie Overstreet guiding you every step of the way. Limited spots available.

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"This couples intensive program has changed every aspect of our relationship. We couldn't have made our relationship work without Dr. Kristie's program...we now have better communication, intimacy, and we're stronger than ever. 

~ Loyd & Kim


"We tried couples therapy, read books, and didn't know what else to do. We couldn't stop arguing over the small things and didn't feel like we were on the same page. This program was a lifesaver. It gave us the skills and support to see just how valuable our relationship was. We are more deeply in love than ever and grateful for the intensive work with Dr. Kristie that got us here."

~ Steve & Sara

The Ideal Intimacy Method for Couples™ Program is perfect for you if you want to...

  • Learn to speak up about your needs, wants, and desires without conflict
  • Be better communicators by listening to one another and improving your communication intimacy
  • Realize your specific intimacy needs and understand how to meet one another without resentment 
  • Feel more comfortable discussing sex and intimacy as well as exploring your sexual buffet as a couple
  • No longer feel stuck when an issue arises and have the skills to work through them on your own
  • Build a deeper, more connected, closer, and life-changing relationship 

Hi, I'm Dr. Kristie Overstreet —

I help people reconnect with their needs and get more intimacy which results in deeper connections

Regardless of your relationship status, single, partnered, or married, you deserve a healthier version of YOU.   

The Ideal Intimacy Method for Couples™ program is for you if you want a better relationship and to improve your emotional and physical intimacy as a couple.


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