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Ready to feel more confident and connected in your relationships?

The Ideal Intimacy Method coaching program for women will help you reconnect with who you are to understand your needs and get more intimacy that results in deeper connections. 

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Lora achieved this amazing result:

"IIM has changed my life. I started out somewhat ambivalently trying to understand unhealthy patterns in my marriage. I was full of shame and self-blame. By gaining a better understanding of my own needs and how to communicate those in my relationship, I gradually gained a non-judgmental view of what was wrong, what I needed to do to work toward a solution, and what aspects were beyond my control. It seems simple, but it’s an incredibly challenging process and the guidance and support of Dr. Kristie and the other group members have been monumental. I was inconsistent in doing the sessions and in attending the groups for the first several months. But once I started attending the groups more regularly, the growth I saw kept me coming back more and more consistently Growth is lovely and exciting, but it can be a scary, painful experience. It’s a journey I’ve been blessed to have IIM as a lifeboat throughout."

Christi achieved other amazing results:

"When I started with Dr. Kristie’s IIM group, I was pretty much rebuilding my life from the ground up. I had recently left a toxic long-term relationship and found myself in the middle of a pandemic as a single mom of 2 small children struggling to hold my life together much less heal from my past relationship. Through working with Dr. Kristie and the amazing space she facilitates with the IIM group, I found exactly what I needed to start putting the pieces of my life back together in a way that fit me so much better than before. The group coaching calls are quite literally a sacred place where I could unpack anything without feeling judged or devalued. The friendships I have fostered with other women there have been a lifeline for me too. No matter what you are struggling with, and even if you don’t feel that you are struggling, I promise you will find support, encouragement, validation, and very actionable feedback to help you on your journey."

Jacqueline achieved other amazing results:

"I highly recommend IIM, it has truly been life-changing. It’s been great getting connected on a deeper level with myself as well as people in my life along with the other members of the program. The support we receive is incredible, not only from Kristie but the other ladies in the group. I look so forward to our time spent a couple of times a month and sharing each other's victories and triumphs. We are provided the tools to become the BEST we can. I feel this isn’t temporary counseling it’s a new refreshing life-changing lifestyle. You will not be disappointed!"

Mindy achieved another amazing result:

"IIM has been amazing! I have learned so much more about intimacy. I have always thought something was "wrong" with me or that I must be "weird". But actually, I am just FINE! I have things to work on but nothing is "wrong" with me."


The Ideal Intimacy Method is perfect for you if you want to...

  • Feel more connected to yourself so you can show up better in your relationships.
  • Get your emotional and physical intimacy needs met without sacrificing your needs.
  • Figure out who you are, your needs, your wants and connect more in your relationships.
  • Improve your sexual self-esteem and confidence in your sexual self.

"I was hesitant about joining the Ideal Intimacy Method course at first. I wasn’t sure about putting my issues out there for others. However, after one coaching call, I realized how helpful it is to simply know that I am not alone! Dr. Kristie has created a safe place in which to ask questions and get feedback from incredible women of all walks of life. I have bragged about this course to my friends, have shared what I am learning with anyone that will listen and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve areas of their lives and get to the next level of becoming whoever they want to be."


Hi, I'm Dr. Kristie Overstreet —

I help women reconnect with their needs and get more intimacy which results in deeper connections

Regardless of your relationship status, single, partnered, or married, you deserve a healthier version of YOU.   

The Ideal Intimacy Method program is for you if you want to have a better relationship with yourself and others by improving your emotional and physical intimacy by starting within.


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